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Lake Daylesford under repairs April 13, 2006

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At the council meeting of 22nd July 1929 there was discussion about the safety of the dam wall then under construction.

The engineer said that the bank had been built to the recognized standard of earth banks, and that there was no danger of a slide.

Cr. Trewhella said he was pleased to hear an authoritative statement on the subject. He understood that it would not be necessary to strengthen the wall in any way.

The engineer replied: No, it would be a waste of money.

Repairing the dam wall













The current activities at the wall are summarized on this notice board next to the old changing sheds.

The reasons for this work are contained on Page 23 of the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand (IPENZ) Newsletter No. 38 of December 2002 at:


Hepburn Shire Council’s response is contained in the council minutes of 21st October 2003 on page 41

http://www.hepburnshire.com.au/Files/211003.pdf (big file)

Basically it states:


The Department of Sustainability & Environment has advised that as part of the risk mitigation initiatives on Crown Land funding has been approved for remedial works on the dam wall at Lake Daylesford.

For 2003-2004 $100,000 has been allocated to fund initial costs associated with the Lake Daylesford project. Provisional funding (still to be approved) of $800,000 has been earmarked for 2004-2005 by DSE.


1. That Council congratulate the Department of Sustainability & Environment for providing $100,000 in 2003-2004 to enable remedial works to the Lake Daylesford Dam Wall to commence.

2. That Council request the Department of Sustainability & Environment to include in its 2004-2005 budget the balance of funding required to complete the works.

Changing shed at Lake Daylesford

The area has now been cordoned off:

Lake Daylesford out of bounds

Work appears to be coming along nicely. The initial partial draining of the lake created a terrible stench in the Central Springs area.

Plants removed from the dam wall Smelly water pouring out

At the other end of the lake, the poor old Lake House has been left with what can best be described as mud flats.

The Lake House high and dry

Lake Daylesford a bit on the dry side


It’s chestnut season!! April 11, 2006

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Chestnuts from Daylesford

Tyrannosaurus Rex R.I.P. April 11, 2006

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In January 1929 the President of the Daylesford and District Publicity Committee said that the efforts by locals to build Lake Daylesford “were bringing people to a realization of the necessity to do something to keep Daylesford on the map.”

Way back then the movers and shakers knew how to think big and their vision has paid great dividends.

The unimaginative redevelopment of the Rex is a prime example of the “think small” mentality of those who have the money and power to do interesting things.

The Rex is a key Daylesford landmark. Carving it up into shops, a mini bowling alley and whatever will not only mangle the integrity of the cinema, but also deny Daylesford the opportunity to rediscover its magnificent past and a potential exciting future. Think Daylesford Film Festival and eventually the Daylesford International Film Festival. Then think hairdresser and butcher and our hearts sink.

The Rex had been waiting… but certainly not for this.

Rain brings first mushrooms April 11, 2006

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 Fly agaric


Following decent rain in the first week of April, mushrooms are beginning to appear in the forests of Daylesford.

Fly agarics (illustrated above) are for visual appreciation only.

Daylesford has arrived April 6, 2006

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Central Springs Rd. Daylesford