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Flag fracas July 20, 2006

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There seems to be a hell of a lot of hyperventilating going on about a colorful piece of cloth up a pole.

As I understand it, the Australian flag will retain its central prominent position on the Daylesford Town Hall as per the official flag flying protocols explained on the It’s an honour Australian Government website.

Other flags could be flown in conjunction with major community events such as the Swiss Italian Festa and Chill Out. I wouldn’t expect a council employee to raise the swastika every time the town hall is booked by a group with national socialist leanings, but I would expect Council to look at co-operating with an established and internationally promoted event such as Chill Out.

But they already do by blocking off Vincent Street for the festivities, so why not fly the flag as well? After all, thousands of dollars from the proceeds of the event are donated to local agencies, such as the grossly underfunded library. The Councillors should be ashamed of themselves. Get with the program kids.