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Why Daylesford is going to the dogs 1 November 8, 2007

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St Andrews Daylesford

The steady decline in the Presbyterian population of Daylesford led to St Andrews being placed on the market a few years ago. Back then it was hard to sell. A key difficulty was the slanting floor of the church, which made any kind of conversion problematic and expensive.

After only a $650,000 vendor bid at the auction, it was eventually sold and some years later the new owners came up with a grandiose plan for nine townhouses. A state of the art website complete with downloads of architectural drawings from Williams Boag Architects offered this inovative development to the astute investor who may not realize that the anticipated $1,000,000 + price tag was a massive mark-up from the original purchase price – even after factoring in the cost of permits and architects. See http://www.standrewsdaylesford.com.au/

St Andrews Daylesford

Our opportunity to purchase this dream came and went on June 24th. Perhaps the potential buyers had studied the designs and done their sums and realized that the whole thing didn’t add up.

So the razzamatazz wore off and we have what we have today – an overgrown decaying beautiful building completely at the mercy of backroom money men. If you peruse the real estate websites today you will notice a modest price drop. This Daylesford icon can now be yours for a mere $990,000. If you’re looking to add insult to injury, agents Nelson Alexander describe the church as a “warehouse conversion” with one bedroom and one bathroom.

The picture below shows what could be the driveway leading to the lower level town houses if they ever get off the drawing board.

 Proposed driveway to lower level town houses

 St Andrews has been a key Daylesford landmark for over 100 years. Let us hope that it overcomes the joint imperatives of greed and development and perhaps we’ll once again hear that magnificent organ in the Organs of the Ballarat Goldfields festival.

St Andrews Daylesford



1. Helen - December 21, 2007

Maybe you should have bought it the first time around to save it?

If the new owners weren’t going to make any money at all they would not have bought it…nobody can live off air.

What do you think the new owner should do with the church that could still be profitable?


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